The National Emergencies Trust

Today, the National Emergencies Trust (NET) is launching a fundraising appeal to help those most affected by the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

The world is in a state of emergency. The outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting both businesses and people from across the globe. The Government is doing everything it can to alleviate some of this pressure. However, at times like this, it’s the strength and desire to help from the public that can make the most difference.

We will work collaboratively with a wide range of organisations to ensure the maximum amount of money is raised and distributed securely, effectively, and fairly to those organisations and local charities who can do the most to help those in need.

In time, we will report back on how the money raised was spent, and work collaboratively with others in the sector to share best practices and improve our nation’s emergency response over time.

With your support, and help from our partners, we’ll get through the impact caused by coronavirus, together.

Fundraising for the National Emergencies Trust

About The National Emergencies Trust

The National Emergencies Trust will collaborate with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims at the time of a domestic disaster.

Victims often find it difficult to know who to turn to in the tragic aftermath of a national emergency. The Trust will be there for those victims to facilitate a single point of contact to apply for help with a simple application process. Financial awards can be made to victims quickly and efficiently, avoiding the bureaucracy of multiple applications. It should also help use money more effectively and minimise fraud. Find out more at